• 1.Q:How many days does it take for manufacturing?

    A: It depends on order quantity and pump types. Normally it takes 20-120 days

  • 2.Q:Is it acceptable to make customer's own brand?

    A: Sure, we can do OEM & ODM.

  • 3.Q: What types of pumps does Sinoflo supply?

    Sinoflo is the leading supplier of all kinds of pumps to be used in agriculture, industrial etc. Surface pumps These are hydraulic machines suitable to work in a dry and covered surface They must not be immersed into liquid to move. This kind of product includes single or multi stage pumps for horizontal or vertical operation. Circulator and in-line pumps Very similar to the surface pumps, manufactured with suction and discharge mouths in-line, they are suitable to be installed and used in closed system (i.e. heating system). Drainage pumps These pumps are specific designed to move sewage or waste water also with suspensions or filaments. They can be divided in different family according to: kind and chemical composition of the liquid to move (clear drainage water, sewage water, waste water, industrial sludge);the impeller design (single or multichannel, Vortex, Grinder). These pumps, with particular devices, can be used as a surface pump. Submersible pumps These kind of pumps can run only if they are completely immerged into liquid to move.so they are used exclusively in deep well.

  • 4.Q: Does Sinoflo provide repair services for the product after sales?

    Definitely, after sales service is a critical component of our business. Our factory trained repair technicians take a great deal of pride in their ability to repair your equipment. We will offer a complete spectrum of repair services.

  • 5.Q: What is the main application of Sinoflo pump?

    It contains the domestic and industrial. It refer to water supply, industrial boosting.irrigation,air-conditioning system, cooling system, groundwater lowering, filteringsystem, firefighting, sea water RO system, power plant, mining industry, chemicaindustry, firefighting and so on.

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