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Recently, Sinoflo submersible motor manufacturing base project has been fully put into production. The total investment is 30 million yuan, and the annual sales income after production is expected to reach 150 million yuan. Sinoflo will combine its regional and platform advantages with its own R & D and manufacturing technology to create a manufacturing R & D base that radiates Southeast Asia and Middle East.

As a leading company in China's submersible motor manufacturing industry, Sinoflo frequently makes "manufacturing expansion". Over the years, Sinoflo has cultivated the global market and has set up locations in more than 30 countries.

Facing the "cold period" of industry adjustment, how can we constantly break through ourselves and seek global coordinates that belong to "Made in China", Sinoflo leadership team has a unique thinking: "China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong and lack of 'artisan spirit'. Only carries 'artisanship', regards technology and products as an art, carefully carves details, and strictly controls quality is just the way in order to be invincible in the competition. "

Action followed thinking. Sinoflo recently announced that its three major parts and more than 1,200 products will be unveiled with new coatings "phthalo blue, magnet black, and golden orange". Sinoflo's changeover is not only to improve the appearance of the product, but more importantly, the "four in one" of technology, quality, cost and service will collectively move towards the upgraded version.

The "craftsmanship spirit" has been succeeded in Sinoflo since its foundation. 6KV high-voltage submersible motors, 10KV high-voltage submersible motors, and the "crown" of many world mechanical and electrical machinery industries in recent years have all been affixed with the name of Sinoflo.

Now under the wave of ‘Internet +’ transformation, Sinoflo will, as always, use extreme thinking, improve product technology and quality, and embrace the global market.

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