Diesel Engine Self-priming Jet Pump

  • Diesel Engine Self-priming Jet Pump
Diesel Engine Self-priming Jet Pump
  • Sinoflo
  • China
  • 15-30days as per different pump material

-Sea/river dredging
-Sewage bypassing application
-Vacuum system assisted
-Customized design


Sinoflo Diesel Engine Self-priming Jet Pump focus on reliability, efficiency and durability and has been designed for dewatering and sea/river dredging purpose.

Featuring a full mechanical priming system, Sinoflo diesel engine self-priming jet pump system quickly primes and re-primes, even from dry conditions. The heavy build style of both pump and canopy makes the whole jet pump system perfect for using in the strenuous contractor market.


World-class Performance

Sinoflo diesel engine self-priming jet pump is built to be deployed on the most demanding dewatering, sewage bypassing application and sea/river dredging applications. Using high efficiency pumps and state-of-the-art diesel engine, the pumps offer maximum performance at minimal cost, fully in sync with Sinoflo philosophy of “lowest cost of ownership”



  • High efficiency pumps minimizing fuel consumption

  • Emissions in accordance with EU stage & US EPA Tier regulations

  • Corrosion free hot dip galvanized frame as option

  • 100% oil-spill free priming system


Complete Package Design

  • Complete in-house design & production

  • Over 30 years of experience in the market

  • Extensive testing facility in-house

  • Contemporary & functional design

  • Durable & eco-friendly materials

  • Vacuum system assisted

  • Custom builds available

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