Heavy Duty Mining Pump

  • Heavy Duty Mining Pump
Heavy Duty Mining Pump
  • Sinoflo
  • China
  • 15-30days as per different pump material

Technical Parameter:
-Capacity: 100~1450m3/h;
-Head: 26~1700m;
-Power supply: 380v/660v/1140v/3kv/6kv/10kv;
-Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz;

Product Overview

Sinoflo Heavy Duty Mining Pump is composed of a water-filled submersible motor and a multi-stage centrifugal pump, which are installed in a suction hood to work in the water. Compared with traditional centrifugal pumps and deep well pumps, this submersible mining pump has the advantages of convenient use and maintenance, safe and reliable operation, stable performance, low vibration and noise, and high efficiency. It improves the ventilation and heat dissipation conditions of the pump room, and can be automated Control, it has unique advantages for places with large water level drops and flood threats. Because the motor is full of clean water inside when working, it will not generate electric sparks to detonate gas under any circumstances. It is a general safety equipment for mines. Provide a new type of water drainage and intake equipment for coal, metallurgy, electric power, urban construction, tap water and groundwater development departments.


Structural Feature

  • Wide coverage of pump performance. According to the actual requirements for drainage, Sinoflo's heavy duty mining pump has three kinds of structure: double suction balance type, single suction balance type and normal single suction type.

  • Double suction symmetrical balance method is the universal way of multi-stage centrifugal submersible pump. The main feature is that the impellers of the upper and lower pumps are symmetrically arranged back to back, so the axial force is self-balancing;

  • Single-suction self-balancing structure is a simple structural improvement based on the double-suction pump. Compared to double suction pump structure, single suction pump is with half flow capacity and double head;

  • For open-pit mines which doesn't need high lift, a normal single-suction structure pump with low lift is recommended. It can be combined with a floater to complete the drainage of open pit mines;

  • The mine increased safety (explosion-proof) submersible pump consists of water-filled increased safety (explosion-proof) submersible motor and multistage centrifugal submersible pump. The whole pump unit works under water. A suction hood and a relay pump reduce the depth of drainage and cool the motor. The electric pump unit can be installed vertically, horizontally or obliquely;

  • This submersible pump has space guide vanes and radial vane structures according to the guide vanes type. When the submersible pump impeller of the radial vane structure is symmetrically arranged, the total axial force is theoretically zero. The axial force generated during actual use is mainly borne by the submersible motor, and a small amount is borne by the balance hole of the impeller. It can meet the needs of users for large flow and high lift;

  • The pump-matched increased safety (explosion-proof) submersible motor is a wet water-filled sealed structure with features of perfect design, simple structure, low noise, excellent performance, reliable use, convenient maintenance and increased safety. Due to the use of new bearing structure and materials, it can withstand large axial forces, ensuring the life of the submersible motor. When the motor power is more than 600kW, a small impeller is arranged at the lower end of the rotor to make the cooling water in the motor self-circulate and improve the cooling effect. When the motor power is less than 600kW, the spiral water tank on the rotor can also ensure the cooling effect;


Technical Parameter

  • Capacity: 100~1450m3/h;

  • Head: 26~1700m;

  • Power supply: 380v/660v/1140v/3kv/6kv/10kv, 50Hz/60Hz;

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