Floating Submersible Tubular Pump

  • Floating Submersible Tubular Pump
Floating Submersible Tubular Pump
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-Floating in all water applications;
-Low, medium and high voltage available;
-50Hz and 60Hz options;
-Capacity: 0.1~20m3/s;
-Head: ~11m;

Product Overview

QGL floating submersible tubular pump is a low head and large flow pump type. The motor and pump adopt a coaxial rear bulb structure. Compared with conventional vertical axial flow pumps and vertical submersible axial flow pumps, it has a series of advantages:


l  The lifting height is small, no need to build pump rooms, effectively reducing investment in civil and construction projects;

l  The inlet and outlet water channels are straight and the total water loss of the channel is small;

l  Due to the pump submerging into the water, the noise during operation is low and there is no high temperature, which improves the working conditions and has good cavitation performance;

l  Its bulb ratio is much smaller than traditional tubular flow pumps, thus greatly improving the efficiency of the device;

l  Adopting a symmetrical installation structure, it can achieve overall turning installation and bidirectional pumping (special design for certain field);

l  Easy and fast installation, with good maintainability;

l  Easy to operate, capable of remote and automatic control;


It is particularly suitable for low head and large flow situations. When the head and specific speed are the same, the device efficiency is higher than that of conventional vertical axial flow pumps and vertical submersible axial flow pumps. The lower the head, the higher the specific speed. The conveying medium is water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water, and the maximum temperature of the conveyed liquid is 40°C.


Technical Parameters

l  Capacity: 0.1~20m3/s;

l  Head: ~11m;

l  Voltage: 380V/400V/440V/460V/660V/1KV/6KV/10KV, 50/60Hz;



l  River and lake;

l  Reservoirs;

l  Urban and industrial enterprises water supply and drainage;

l  Agricultural drainage and irrigation;

l  Garden sprinkler irrigation;

l  Farmland irrigation;

l  Fountain landscape;

l  Rainwater recycling and utilization system;

l  Emergency flood control;


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