Gas Seal Slurry Canned Motor Pump

  • Gas Seal Slurry Canned Motor Pump
Gas Seal Slurry Canned Motor Pump
  • Sinoflo
  • China
  • 15-30days as per different pump material

Technical Parameter:
-Max. Capacity: ~2000m3/h;
-Max. Head: ~1200m;
-Temperature: -120~450℃;
-Design Pressure: ~55MPa;


Sinoflo Gas Seal Slurry Canned Motor Pump has been widely used in almost all industrial-related fields. It is suitable for conveying more than 600 kinds of general liquids in many special applications without problems of leakage due to its compactness, ease of maintenance and low noise feature, etc.

Sinoflo canned motor pump has outstanding advantages when transporting the following types of liquid:

  • If the working medium pollutes the environment or the working medium leaks, there is a possibility of burning or explosion;

  • The toxic odor of the working medium can cause harm or trouble to the public;

  • The working medium reacts with air to produce harmful substances or adversely affect production;

  • Medium that solidify easily, high temperature liquid or refrigerant;

  • Liquid that contain solid particles;

  • High pressure liquid or liquid in other harsh conditions;


  • Metal material: S.S304, S.S316/316L, Hastelloy C4, C276 etc.

  • Insulation material: H, C, super-C, etc.

  • Gasket: PTFE, metal spiral wound etc.

  • Bearing, shaft/thrust collar are available in a variety of material to suit for different fluid conditions;

  • Bearing: SiC, CG, PTFE, etc.;

  • Shaft sleeve/thrust collar: SiC, Stellite, Hard Chrome, WC, etc.;

Technical Parameter




Max. Capacitym3/h



Max. Headm









Design PressureMPa



Viscosity (cst)



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