Horizontal Propeller Pump

  • Horizontal Propeller Pump
Horizontal Propeller Pump
  • Sinoflo
  • China
  • 15-30days as per different pump material

Technical Parameter:
Capacity: 140~1430m3/h;
Head: 6~24m;
Power: 18.5~55kW;

Product Overview

Large-flow, portable, high-efficiency permanent magnet horizontal propeller pump is independently developed Sinoflo. It combines with strong energy-saving performance, continuously variable speed regulation function under vector frequency conversion control, light-weight portable function in one. The ideal working condition is to deal with sudden flood disasters, pipe network repairs, temporary drainage of manholes, river dredging and drainage operations, buried sewage treatment plants and fish pond cleaning operations etc.



  • Emergency rescue for flood fighting and drainage

  • Pipe network emergency repair project

  • Discharge of underground water from roads, tunnels, subway structures, and buildings

  • Drainage of bridges, tunnels and culverts

  • Discharge of accumulated water in basements and garages

  • Agricultural drought-resistant water intake

  • Emergency water intake and drainage

  • Discharge of accumulated water in the mine

  • Commercial shipyard, dry dock drainage

  • Drainage from clean ponds such as fish ponds, sewage treatment plants, etc.

  • Drainage before river dredging

Technical Parameter

  • Capacity: 140~1430m3/h;

  • Head: 6~24m;

  • Power: 18.5~55kW;

Q: What types of pumps does Sinoflo supply?
Sinoflo is the leading supplier of all kinds of pumps to be used in agriculture, industrial etc. Surface pumps These are hydraulic machines suitable to work in a dry and covered surface They must not be immersed into liquid to move. This kind of product includes single or multi stage pumps for horizontal or vertical operation. Circulator and in-line pumps Very similar to the surface pumps, m...more
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