High Lift Sewage Pump

  • High Lift Sewage Pump
High Lift Sewage Pump
  • Sinoflo
  • China
  • 15-30days as per different pump material

Technical Parameter:
-Medium temperature +40℃;
-Solid particle diameter: Φ25-Φ50mm;
-Max. submerged depth: 100m.
-Capacity: 50-500m3/h;
-Head: 40-110m;
-Max. Power: 115kW;

Product Overview

Sinoflo high lift sewage pump has the advantages of high head, deep submersion, abrasion resistance, high reliability, no clogging, automatic installation, automatic control, and can work at full head.


Technical Parameter

  • Medium temperature +40℃;

  • PH value: 5-9;

  • Solid particle diameter: Φ25-Φ50mm;

  • Maximum submerged depth: 100m.

  • Capacity: 50-500m3/h;

  • Head: 40-110m;

  • Max. Power: 115kW;


Recommended Working Conditions

  • For occasions where the water intake level fluctuates greatly, that is, when the head varies greatly, Sinoflo high lift sewage pump has the characteristics of safe use of full head, and it is not overloaded in large and small flow areas.

  • For deep submerged occasions, Sinoflo high lift sewage pump can withstand 100m water pressure for safe use.

  • Used for small flow and high-lift sewage discharge occasions, especially suitable for long-distance transportation of sewage.

  • Suitable for occasions with high sediment content, the pump has the characteristics of a slurry pump.

  • With high reliability characteristics, it is especially suitable for major and key projects.


Structural Features      

The design of Sinoflo high lift sewage pump embodies high reliability requirements everywhere. 

  • Motor: special insulation design ensures that the motor can still be used normally in an environment with a small amount of water. The optimized design of the motor ensures that the pump can be started up in an environment where the hydraulic components are partially submerged by sediment.

  • Hydraulic components: The design and application of advanced CFD and flow field diagnosis technology have the advantages of high head, full head, high efficiency, no clogging, and wear resistance.

  • Seal design: In order to meet the requirements of deep diving, a number of improved measures have been adopted on the pump seal, so that the pump can submerge and operate under 100m.

  • Protection measures: In addition to the conventional motor protection, leakage detectors are installed in the junction box cavity, the motor cavity and the oil chamber respectively. The stator windings of the motor are equipped with two sets of stator over-temperature protection devices for use and backup. The motor dehumidification device can ensure that the motor insulation is stable and does not drop.

System Installation

Sinoflo high lift sewage pump is coaxial and compact in structure. It adopts fixed wet installation. The installation system uses an automatic coupling device. The system has high manufacturing and installation precision, and can easily install and lift the electric pump within a height of 100 meters. It does not require installation or maintenance personnel to enter the puddle, which is fast, convenient and safe. The system uses a special base, which is fixed at the bottom of the pool and connected to the outlet pipe. The supporting block is installed on the top of the pool, which are connected by a guide rail. The pump is connected to a specific bracket and slides along the guide rail to the outlet of the base. Position, through the weight of the pump, automatic coupling and sealing.

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