Sewage Lifting Station

  • Sewage Lifting Station
Sewage Lifting Station
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  • 15-30days as per different pump material

-Manual/automatic operation function;
-Adopt a unique structure of debris sewage separator;
-No water in the basement;
-Small footprint, no pollution;
-Backwash, no need clean;
-Remote monitoring optional;
-No clogging, long service life;

Product Overview

In the current market, sewage lifting station/equipment is needed in many places to lift sewage from the underground to the first/ground floor and discharge it into municipal pipelines, such as shopping malls with underground restaurants or underground parking lots, hospitals, and villa areas with basements. Sewage lifting station/equipment is required.

According to the residential design specification, the drainage pipes of sanitary appliances and floor drains in basements and semi-basements below the outdoor ground, as well as sewage that cannot flow into the municipal pipe network by itself, should not be connected to the upper drainage pipes.

Commonly solutions:

  • The traditional way of sump pumps is used. After the sewage in the sump reaches a certain level, it will be lifted and transported to the municipal pipe network by the sewage pump. This traditional method has major pollution hazards, such as sewage infiltration, dirty water overflow, and odor overflow, which affect the living environment and will cause corrosion and rust. The sump will also produce harmful gases that endanger the safety and health of maintenance personnel. Obviously, this method is very bad and has been gradually eliminated.

  • Adopt integrated closed sewage lifting equipment.

    Sinoflo sewage lifting station/equipment is a closed lifting equipment composed of collecting (sewage) water tank, lifting pump, auxiliary lifting pump, control cabinet, filter, pipeline and valve, which can completely solve the problem of underground sewage.



  • Manual/automatic operation function:

    In the manual operation state, any water pump can be operated, and when the water level reaches the minimum design water level, it will automatically stop running;

    In the automatic operation state, when the water level reaches the set upper limit, the pump will automatically start to drain. When the water level is lower than the set lower limit, it will automatically shut down and stop draining, so that two pumps can operate alternately and stand by each other; when one sewage pump fails, the equipment can automatically switch to another sewage pump, and at the same time, it will alarm and indicate the failure.

  • Adopt a unique structure of debris sewage separator:

    Adopting debris and sewage separator structure, so that the water pump does not contact with windable debris, avoiding debris from winding and blocking the pump impeller and burning the pump motor; with backwashing function, there will be no sedimentation in the equipment and no need to clean, greatly save the cost of equipment operation and management and maintenance.

  • No water in the basement:

    When the accumulation of water in the basement puddle reaches a certain position, the equipment will automatically start the auxiliary pump to drain the sewage.


Product Advantages

  • Small footprint, no pollution

    The equipment is fully enclosed design, no spillage, no peculiar smell, and protect the surrounding environment. With small footprint and flexible installation, it will greatly save the cost of civil construction investment;

  • Backwash, no need clean

    It has the function of backwashing, which solves the additional problem of timely cleaning due to dirt deposits. Separation technology of debris and sewage, using the pressure of the water pump to discharge the sewage and debris at the same time;

  • Remote monitoring optional

    According to customer needs, the equipment can be equipped with a remote monitoring system, so that the on-duty personnel will intuitively understand the operating status of the equipment without going to the site.

  • No clogging, long service life

    Adopting unique dirt isolation and discharge technology, the impeller of the pump does not touch the debris, will not cause entanglement and blockage, and can extend the service life of the pump.


Technical Parameter

  • Maximum flow: 65m3/h;

  • Maximum lift: 32m;

  • Power supply: 380V/220V, 50Hz/60Hz

The above are standard parameters and can be customized for special requirements.

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